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Cloud Based

No more configuring servers, databases, backups, or VPN's. Connect directly to your trial balances while visiting clients, at home, or on the go.

Attach important documents directly to the Trial Balance you're working on - a fantastic way of managing raw data files your clients give you.

Responsive Layout

Clean and intuitive user interface that lets you easily see the chart of accounts, transactions, journal entries, and important or common actions.

The entire Trial Balance is at your fingertips and issues with accounts or mismatched balances are easily reconciled.

New Ideas

Tax and Accounting Software Integrations, Pro Forma Trial Balances, Monthly & Quarterly Updates, Copy Trial Balances, Trial Balance Version History - No Way?

No Problem!

Chart Of Accounts

Keep All of your accounts at your fingertips in an easy to use and intuitive interface with easy access to viewing different balance types and prior period balances.

Tabbed interface with Transactions, Journal Entries, Analytical Ratios, Account Grouping, Reports, and file attachments

Import and Export files and generate Tax Software imports - Use the data your Trial Balance generates!

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Grouping Accounts

See the Accounts, Groups, and Categories that accounts belong to. Why has other software hidden this from you?

Quickly and easily group accounts into categories for analytic ratios, or preparation of financial statements or tax returns.

Easily add or remove accounts from the group

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Attach Important Files

Keep all important documents relevant to the trial balance attached directly to it. All of it within easy reach on every one of the Trial Balances you create.

Attach original client data, financial statements, or other work directly to the trial balance for easy reference and access later.

Access your documents from anywhere in the world with just an internet connection.

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Unlimited Trial Balances

Need to create monthly, quarterly, or pro forma trial balances? Do it with ease by copying existing trial balances or rolling forward to custom periods.

Quickly track progress as rolled forward trial balances maintain the link to the previous period.

Customized trial balance periods: daily, monthly, quarterly, or annually. You decide!

Copy Trial Balances for pro forma, what if scenarios, or to troubleshoot possible mistakes.

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Financial Statement Editor

Create professional, classified financial statements with ease and customize their look and feel to your professional standards.

Export your customized financial statement directly to pdf.

Export your raw Financial Statement data to excel for even more customization

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Trial Balance Reports

Quickly run trial balance reports using customized options for each report.

Preview the report, or download and print it.

Each report has its own options. Customize the report options to group or present your data in the ways you need.

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Analytical Procedures

For your audit engagements, group your chart of accounts into Analytical Procedures categories and compare important financial ratios against prior periods, or industry ratios.

View Ratio Graphs comparing the current ratio, to budgeted, prior, and industry ratios.

Enter Industry Ratios to compare your client's ratios against the overall industry.

Other Unique Features

Trial Balance Software should make your auditing, tax, financial statement and other projects easier. Our Accountant's Trial Balance solution was built with these objectives in mind and so there are many more features such as:

Imports & Exports: easy integrations with popular accounting software like QuickBooks and Xero.

Tax Imports: link trial balances directly to tax returns in UltraTax, ProSeries, ProSystemFX, AxcessTax, and Lacerte.

Calculator Fields: add, subtract, multiply, and divide in numeric input fields.

User Management: Invite an unlimited number of users and easily assign administrator or staff access.

Consolidations: Consolidate your trial balances with ease.

Version History: Revert to an earlier version of your trial balance.

Lifetime Support: Upgrades and new features automatically included without software installations: Just log in!

Multi-platform Support:

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Ten Key ATB: Accountant's Trial Balance Security


Ten Key ATB: Accountant's Trial Balance Software is a cloud platform used by organizations of all sizes to create Trial Balances, manage Tax Returns, and prepare compilations, reviews, and audits for their clients. Our platform allows CPAs to focus on Accounting and business strategy while we focus on infrastructure, scaling, and security. We apply security best practices and manage platform security so our customers can focus on their business. Our platform is designed to protect our customers from threats by applying security controls at every layer from physical to application while retaining the ability to deploy security updates without customer interaction or service interruption.

Security Assessments and Compliance

Data Centers

Ten Key ATB: Accountant's Trial Balance Software is hosted and managed within Amazon's secure data centers and utilizes Amazon Web Service (AWS) technology. Amazon continually manages risk and undergoes recurring assessments to ensure compliance with industry standards. The data center operations have been accredited under:

ISO 27001
SOC 1 and SOC 2/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402
PCI Level 1
FISMA Moderate
Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)


We use PCI compliant payment processor Stripe for encrypting and processing credit card payments. Our infrastructure provider is PCI Level 1 compliant.

Data Security


Our application runs within its own isolated environment and cannot interact with other applications or areas of the underlying system. This restrictive operating environment is designed to prevent security and stability issues. These self contained environments isolate processes, memory, and the file system using LXC while host-based firewalls restrict applications from establishing local network connections. Every connection to our website or our database occurs using SSL (HTTPS) in order to encrypt all data in transit to and from applications and your client.


Customer data is stored in a separate access-controlled database. Connections to the database require SSL encryption to ensure a high level of security and privacy. Stored data is encrypted at rest. Continuous Protection keeps the data safe by writing every change to your data to a write-ahead log that are log shipped to multiple datacenters. In the unlikely event of unrecoverable hardware failure, other disaster, or service outage, these logs are automatically 'replayed' to recover the database to seconds of its last known state.

Attachments & Documents

Files uploaded to our site are encrypted in transit due to the SSL (HTTPS) connection requirements. They are uploaded to a private, encrypted Amazon S3 bucket. Links to download the files expire, and require re-authentication in order to generate a new, valid URL.

Use of Third Party Solutions

In using Ten Key ATB: Accountant's Trial Balance Software, you may choose to use third party services for added functionality such as QuickBooks and Xero. Be mindful of the data shared with these providers and their security practices just as you would be with Ten Key ATB.

Our Story

We started with a simple conversation not too long ago about the workflow a CPA and his or her staff go through in order to prepare a Trial Balance. That led into talking about the deficiencies in software the market has provided over the years to assist the CPA in this task, and how even with all of the plentiful new technology around us, there was still a large faction of CPA’s dedicated to using 20 year old software programs on outdated, and unsupported operating systems.

As we did some more research we realized that the market had left independent CPA’s, auditor’s, and tax preparer’s behind. Expensive solutions were created to solve problems that had already been solved very simply. For exactly that reason, many CPA firms have hung on to this dated technology, making it work beyond when the larger software market had given up on support.

Trial Balance Software should be easy. It should replicate the speed and efficiency of the past, but embrace the future: cloud computing, multi-platform support, and eliminate the need for managing software installations, updates, and file storage. It should embrace the past, providing a standalone Trial Balance module unencumbered by engagement solutions, vendor modules, and other suites of products. It should focus on the daily work CPAs do to complete tax returns, audits, financial statements, reviews and compilations.

We created a product that frees the CPA from managing software and infrastructure, that gives the freedom to work anywhere in the world at any time, that promotes collaboration without complicated site licenses or expensive per user fees, and most importantly, that a CPA would find familiar, transparent, and useful.

We made Ten Key ATB: Accountant's Trial Balance Software. And at heart, we are still CPAs ourselves, so we offer personalized client service and support to ensure that our software will assist you with your real work.

So please, start your free thirty (30) day trial and let’s move forward together!